Platform: Calculated

Platform: Calculated

The «Platform: Calculated» type field allows you to generate registration and project numbers of cards of documents and applications according to a given pattern.


The following parameters are available for configuring the column type «Platform: Calculated»: 

  • Automatically generate value. If the value of the parameter is «Yes», then the value in the field will be generated automatically when the card is created. The parameter value is set to «No» if the value of the calculated field is generated by the workflow.
  • Allow change on edit form (indicated if the value of the «Enable value calculation» parameter is «Yes»). It determines whether the user can enter a value on the form of an item change.
  • Alternate text when creating an item (to be specified if the value of the «Enable value calculation» parameter is «Yes»). The specified text is displayed in a field on the form for creating an element.

In the parameter «Pattern field values» set the parameters of the template, according to which the field value will be formed:
[Field type | Field Name | Display Format | Update Mode], where 

Field type:

  • L – list field;
  • FC – node family counter;
  • LC – list counter.

Display Format:

  • Field type «Date and time», example: dd.MM.yyyy H: mm;
  • The «User or Group» type field is one of the values of the user details (Name, Account, Work Email Address, Mobile Phone, SIP Address, etc.);
  • Field type «Substitution» – the name of the list field from which the substitution is made;
  • Counter – number of characters (1, 2, …).

Update Mode:

  • 1 – the value is generated only at the moment of creating the element;
  • 2 – the value is generated at the time of creation and updated with the element.

Text, references to the field values of the current element, references to field values of related (by substitution) elements, counters, etc. can be included in the template. For more information about setting up a template, see the link «Help».

In the Platform custom list, several fields of the type «Platform: Calculated» can be created.