Platform: Ribbon button settings

Platform: Ribbon button settings

The «Platform: Ribbon button settings» page is used to set the conditions for displaying buttons on the list ribbon, as well as on ribbon forms for creating, viewing and editing a card for each type of list content.


On the options page of the list, select «Platform: Ribbon button settings». The following options are available on the settings page:


  • Ribbon type. Allows you to customize the display buttons for each type of tape:
  • List Tools – List items.
  • List Tools – List settings.
  • List item – Edit.
  • List item – Display.

    • Content type (is specified if the parameter value «Ribbon type» equally «List item – Edit» or «List item – Display»). Allows you to make individual settings for each type of content. When selecting a mode «All content type»uniform button display settings will be applied for all types of list content.
    • Use common rules (indicated if individual settings are made for the content type). If you select «No» for the specified content type, individual settings will be applied.
    • Suppress overwrite by templates. If the parameter value is equal «Yes», then for this list the settings for displaying buttons from the template will not be applied.
  • Ribbon button. Defines the display conditions for each button on each ribbon:
  • Default. The button will always appear on the ribbon.
  • Disabled. The button will appear on the ribbon, but will not be available for clicking.
  • Hidden. The button will not appear on the ribbon.
  • When condition is true. Allows you to set the display conditions for the button.

    If for all lists of the “Platform Custom List” type you want to apply the same display settings for the ribbon buttons, you must use the “Save as Template” button. In this case, the specified settings will be applied to all lists of the corresponding type, except for those for which the sign of rejection of receiving settings by the template is set.