Platform: Linked task list settings

Platform: Linked task list settings

The «Platform: Linked task list settings» settings page is used to select Platform task list views that will be displayed as tabular parts in the item card.


Creating a list of Platform tasks and views in it.
On the list options page with which you want to associate a task list of the Platform, select the item «Platform: Linked task list settings».

In the left pane in the «Available task list views» section, select the list of tasks you want to associate with the current list, and drag them to the right.
Using the up and down arrow buttons, you can change the order in which the tabs of the task list views are displayed on the item card.


Each linked task list view is displayed on the item card as a separate tab.

Task view binding functionality is available only for the «Platform Custom» and «Platform Tasks» type lists.
The binding functional works only for the representation of «Tasks on an element» and the representations derived from it.
An arbitrary number of views from several task lists of the «Platform Tasks» type can be associated with one custom Platform list.
The same view can be associated with an arbitrary number of custom Platform lists.
Changing permissions on the main list item using regular SharePoint tools does not change permissions on tasks.