Platform: Linked discussion settings

Platform: Linked discussion settings

The «Platform: Linked discussion settings» settings page is used to select a list of discussions that will be displayed as a tab for comments on a document on the form of a Platform list item.


Discussion binding functionality is implemented only for the «Platform Custom List» and «Platform Tasks lists».
An arbitrary number of lists of the type «Platform Discussions» can be associated with one custom list.
The discussion list can be associated with only one custom Platform list or Platform task list.
When you delete an item in a custom list, all related discussions are deleted.
Changing permissions to the main list item using regular SharePoint tools does not change the permissions to work with discussions.

After the discussion list has been created, on the options page of the main list, select the «Platform: Linked discussion settings» item.
In the area on the left in the «Available discussions» section, select the discussion list and drag it to the right.


Related Platform discussion lists are displayed on the main list item card on separate tabs. The discussion tab displays user comments on this item.