Platform: Item task display settings

Platform: Item Task Display Settings

The settings page «Platform: Item task display settings» is intended for displaying the buttons for completing tasks assigned to this document by the user on the document form.


On the list options page, select the item «Platform: Item task display settings». The following options are available on the settings page:

  • Copy settings. To copy the saved settings of the current list to other lists, click «Copy» and mark the lists to which you want to copy the settings.  Click «Copy» to apply the settings.
  • Language. It is used if the system supports multilingualism. Allows you to customize commands for each language.
  • Show / Hide tasks on forms. Specifies on / off settings in the list. The default value is «Off». In this case, the specified settings will not be applied.
  • Task view. Allows you to select a task list view that contains incomplete tasks assigned to the current user or the role to which the current user is included.
  • Task content types settings. Allows you to set individual command settings for each type of task list content if the parameter «Break settings inheritance» is set to «Yes». If you select «General» mode, the same command settings will be applied for all types of content. To make settings, click the «Edit». In the opened form, create a command specifying:
  • Command name. Specifies the name of the button with the option to complete the task displayed in the card.
  • Command description. Allows you to specify the description of the command displayed in the pop-up window when you hover over the button with the option to complete the task in the document card.
  • Command display mode. Allows you to set the conditions for displaying the command execution button on the form.
  • Command action. This parameter allows you to select an action when you click the command execution button:
    ✓ Open task edit form.
    ✓ Run Nintex workflow.
    ✓ Run workflow.
    ✓ Complete task and run Nintex workflow.
    ✓ Complete task and run workflow.
    ✓ Complete task with comment.
    ✓ Complete task with comment and run Nintex workflow without parameters.
    ✓ Complete task with comment and run workflow without parameters.
  • For each action on the «Edit» button, additional settings are available.


    • Enable / disable new tasks tracking. Defines on / off tracking of the appearance of tasks in the open form of viewing / editing an item.
    • Tracking frequency (seconds). Allows you to specify the interval for performing the check for new tasks.