Platform: Item linking settings

Platform: Item linking settings

The «Platform: Item linking settings» page is designed to enable and configure the linking of elements from one list as well as elements from different lists.


To enable the ability to link items in the «Parameters» shortcut menu available in the upper right corner of the System, select «Settings of the «Business Objects» component».

On the page that opens, in the «Binding of elements settings» parameter, set the value to «Enabled» and save the settings. 

On the list options page, select the item «Platform: Manage Linking Items». The following options are available on the settings page:

  • Enable linking between items. Allows you to activate the ability to link items in the «Platform Custom List».
  • Show list titles alongside items titles. Allows you to enable the display in the card of the name of the list with the document which is configured connection.
  • Disable exported to Excel. Allows you to upload to Excel fields such as «Platform: Linking Elements».


Enabling the setting «Disable exported to Excel» can reduce the performance of the System.


  • Settings table. Allows you to specify the connection settings between list items. To do this, in the «List» column, select the lists with which you want to configure binding of the elements of the current list. Then in the «Link types availability» column, select the link type:
  • Do not specify link type. If this option is selected, the «Type of communication» option will not be available in the «Related documents» field of the card.
  • Allow only one-way link. When this option is selected, only one-way link types will be available for selection in the «Link type» parameter. When linking is established, a one-way link will be made to the document being linked in the current document.
  • Allow all link types. If you select this option in the «Link type» parameter, all link types will be available for selection. When a link is established, a two-way link will be put in the current and linked documents.

In the «View» column, select the document list view, which will be displayed in the element linking dialog box.

To configure link types, go to the «Link types availability» directory from the quick access menu «Settings» → «Site Content».


The «!» sign, located to the right of the list name, means that the feedback in the list is not configured. If in the linked list the linking with the current list is similarly configured, the «!» sign will disappear.