Platform: General Settings

Platform: Advanced list settings

There is no «Name» field in the Platform lists, unlike lists created on the basis of standard SharePoint templates. Instead, there is a function in the Platform to automatically generate the «Name» field. A name template can be composite — data from other fields or counters can be used as its elements.


In the list parameters, follow the link «Platform: Advanced list settings». The following options are available on the settings page:


  • Title template;
  • Process multiline text field values;
  • Enable saving of the item by web service;
  • Remove iframe in DateTimeControl.

In the template of the document name, the parameters of the template are set, according to which the element name:
[Field type | Field Name | Display Format | Update Mode], where:

Field Type:

  • F – list field.

Display Format:

  • Field type «Date and time», for example: dd.MM.yyyy H: mm;
  • The «User or Group» type field is one of the values of user details (Name, Account, Work Email Address, Mobile Phone, SIP Address, etc.);
  • Field type «Lookup» – the name of the list field from which the substitution is made.

Display Format:

  • 1 – the value is generated only at the moment of creating the element;
  • 2 – the value is generated at the time of creation and updated with the element.

Text, references to the field values of the current element, links to field values of related (by substitution) elements, counters, etc. can be included in the template.

For more information on setting up a template, please refer to the «Help» link. 

When you save an item, its name will be generated automatically.


The «Process mutiline text field values» parameter allows you to enable automatic deletion of extra spaces from the «Multi-line text» type fields when creating and updating elements.

The «Enable saving of the item by web service» option allows you to switch the element saving method. If the parameter is set «On», then the item is saved using the service. By using this method you can reduce the time to save the item. If the parameter has the value «Off», then the whole form is saved.

Saving through the service is supported for the following field types: 

  • Single line text;
  • Multiline text;
  • Choice;
  • Monetary;
  • Date and time;
  • Lookup;
  • Number;
  • Flag;
  • Hyperlink or image;
  • User or group;
  • Platform: Tabular part;
  • Platform: Choice;
  • Platform: Calculated;
  • Platform: Lookup;
  • Platform: User or group;
  • Platform: Linking elements.


The «Remove iframe in DateTimeControl» parameter allows optimizing work with date fields on the form of an element.