Platform: Field availability settings

Platform: Field availability


The «Platform: Fiel availability settings» settings page is used to set the conditions for displaying fields on the create, view and edit forms for each type of list content.

On the list options page, select «Platform: Field availability settings». The following options are available on the settings page:


  • Content type. Allows you to set individual settings for the display fields for each type of content list.
  • Copying. Allows you to copy field settings to selected content types.
  • Turn on / off availability settings. The default value of the parameter is «On». If necessary, the settings can be disabled for administrators or for all users. In this case, the specified display conditions will not be applied.
  • Settings table. Allows you to set the conditions for displaying each field on each of the forms.


When the settings of the parameters of the availability of fields are disabled, the field display mechanism is used by default in SharePoint: all fields are available for editing on the forms for creating and editing an element.