Create platform list

Create platform list

The «Platform: Custom list» type is derived from the «Custom list» type in SharePoint. Lists of this type implement the same functionality as the «Custom Lists», but at the same time it has additional capabilities into the platform.


In the «Settings» shortcut menu select «Site Contents»:


Next, click the «Add an app» button:


After, select the «Platform: Custom List»:


In the open form, enter the name of the list and click «Create»:


To specify a description of the list, click the «Advanced options» button on the list creation form.


To rename a list, go to the list view using the vertical menu link. Click the «List Settings»:


In the parameters of the list, click on the link «List name, description and navigation»:


In the open form, enter a new name for the list and click «Save»:


If no columns were added to the Platform list, then a corresponding warning will be displayed when opening the item creation form:


Unlike the «Custom list» type lists, the Custom list «Name» column is hidden on the forms of the «Platform: Custom list» type list items.
A number of additional features are available in the Platform list options compared to a customizable SharePoint list:


It is allowed to create an arbitrary number of «Platform Custom List» type lists, however, there are SharePoint platform limits that must be observed to ensure acceptable performance of solutions. More information about the limitations of SharePoint related to the software can be found on the official Microsoft website.