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Platform: Field Size Settings

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Platform: Field Size Settings

List View Column Width Web-Part

The list view column width web-part needs to be added to the main page if you add to it the view of the Platform list or the Platform task list for which the column width settings are applied.

List View Highlighting Web-Part

The list view highlighting web-part should be added to the main page if it is added with the view of a Platform list or a Platform task list for which the highlighting settings of the list items are applied.

List View Highlighting Web-Part

The web-part of different views allows you to display different views of the same or different Platform lists on the same page.


Add a Platform list view or Platform task list web-part on the main page. Then add a different view web-part from the «Platform» category and link to the list web-part (in the web-part menu, select «Connections» → «Get Table From» and select the list).
Go to the settings for the web-part of the display of different views. Open the window for setting up lists of views by clicking on the «Edit» button:


Make general settings in the form that opens:



In the settings area of the list of views, add the necessary views that will be represented by the change view buttons. To do this, click the «Add» button, select the list and view.
If necessary, specify an alternative name for the presentation. By default, the name of the change view button corresponds to the name of the view.
If the «Icons» option is selected in the «List view buttons display mode» option, specify the path to the file in the library.
Click «OK»to save the settings. The web-part for displaying different views is shown below: