The LazyApproval function allows you to complete tasks from an e-mail without needing to log into the System. To do this, it is enough to respond to the notification system, indicating in the notification one of the code phrases and the required comment. The subject of the notification contains an identifier that uniquely defining the task. Upon receipt of the notification, the system determines the task and the required result from the user’s response. After that System automatically completes the task with the required result.

You need to activate the LazyApproval settings in the «Nintex Workflow Management» section to enable the function in the Administration Center. Then go to the «LazyApproval Settings» page in the «Platform Management» section:


In the form that opens, fill in the parameters «Reply e-mail:» and «E-mail address». Answers will be sent to the specified e-mail to complete the tasks using LazyApproval.


After activating the function in the Administration Center in the workflow «Platform Assign to-do task» an additional parameter «Allow LazyApproval use». Set the parameter value to «Yes». The following parameters will be available on the form:

  • Task status. Allows you to select options for completing the task, which will be available on the notification form as buttons.
  • Comment field. Allows you to select a «Multiple lines of text» type field in which will be saved the comment specified in the message body when completing a task with LazyApproval.
  • A field for storing recipients of a copy of the letter. Allows you to select a field of the type «Platform: Person or Group» in which will be saved the accounts of the employees indicated in the copy of the message when completing the task with LazyApproval.
  • Address list for storing LazyApproval keys. Allows you to select a list in which task completion keys will be stored using LazyApproval.



An example of a notification with a configured LazyApproval function is shown in the figure:


This feature is enabled and configured separately for each type of task for each type of document.