Chat-bot allows you to complete tasks from Skype and Telegram without having to log into the System. To do this, just respond to the notification of the messenger by selecting one of the provided options for completing the task and the required comment. Upon receiving the answer, the System determines the task and the result, after which it automatically completes the task with the desired result.

In order for the chat-bot to work, you need to configure the Secure Store service in the “Managing service applications” section in the Administration Center:



Then configure the connection to the bot in the Administration Center on the «LazyApproval Settings» page:

  • Bot service address;
  • Secure Store service application code.



In the «Settings», shortcut menu available in the upper right corner of the System, select the «Organizational Structure»item. In the Platform Lazy Approver role (PlatformLazyApprover), add an account under which will be invoked the task completion service using a bot.



In the action «Platform Assign to-do task» workflow, specify a message to send to the bot, if necessary, specify a field to save a comment and a field to store recipients of a copy of the letter:



For further work with the bot, it is necessary to add it to Skype and Telegram contacts and you need to register.
Examples of notifications from the bot in Skype and Telegram: