Configuring Delegation Rules

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Configuring Delegation Rules

The delegation of authorities function allows you to temporarily transfer the rights to complete tasks of an employee to another employee or role.

Select«Platform Business Objects», component settings in the «Settings» shortcut menu available in the upper right-hand corner of the System to enable delegation.
On the page that opens, in the «Delegation» parameter, set the value to «Activate» and save the settings.
In the «Settings», shortcut menu available in the upper right-hand corner of the System, select «Delegation»:



Click the «Add new item» button to create a delegation rule:


In the form that opens, fill in the required fields «Whose authorities are delegated» and «To whom authorities are delegated», and also indicate the period to which the rights are transferred:



If the «Start date» and «End date» fields are not filled in, then delegation of authorities to the specified employee is considered indefinite.
If only the «Start date», field is filled, the delegation is also considered indefinite, starting from the specified date.
The termination of delegation of authority occurs the day after the end of the delegation date or when the substitution rule is deleted.


Click the button opposite the desired rule to edit the delegation rule.
In the form that opens, make changes and click «Save»:



Mark the rule and click the «Delete selected items», button to delete a delegation rule, confirm the action by pressing the «ОК» button: