Auto-run workflow rules management

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Auto-run workflow rules management

The «Rules Management» settings page allows you to configure conditions and periodicity for automatic launching of work processes, in particular, sending reminders.

In the «Settings», shortcut menu available in the upper right-hand corner of the System, select «Manage rules»:

Click the «Create rule» button to create a new rule. In the form that opens, the following options are available:


  • Name. Allows you to specify the name of the rule.
  • Enabled. Defines the on/off rule. The default value is «Enabled». If the parameter is set to «Off», then the specified settings will not be applied.
  • Condition.. Allows you to specify the conditions for the rule:
  • Processing schedule. Allows you to specify the frequency of the startup workflow node.
  • Processing list items. Allows you to specify the conditions for the selection of list items on which you want to execute a workflow.
  • Action. Let you specify the workflow to execute. Select the type of workflow in the drop-down list. If the «Conditions» parameter is set to «Processing schedule», then only node workflows are available for selection. If the «Conditions» parameter has the value «Processing list items», then node workflows and list workflows are available for selection. Then click the «Edit» button and in the opened form fill in the parameters:
  • Web. Allows you to select the node containing the running workflow..
  • Workflow. Allows you to select a running workflow.
  • Input workflow variable (indicated if the «Conditions» parameter is set to «Processing list items»). Allows you to specify a workflow variable of the «Multiple lines of text» type for storing the identifiers of items for which the specified conditions are met.
In order for the workflow variable to be available for selection in the «Workflow variable for data transfer», parameter, you must set the variable «Show on the startup form» to «Yes».

To edit a rule for launching a workflow, open the rule, make changes and click the «Save»button.

To delete a rule for starting a workflow, open the rule and click the «Delete» button.

To configure the schedule for processing rules in the Administration Center, go to the «Review job definitions» page in the «Monitoring» section. Open the
«Platform: Processing rules» task page and specify the required frequency and time for the task:

In order to avoid an increase in the load on the System, it is recommended to set up processing during off-hours.