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Platform: Tabs settings

Platform: Tabs settings

The «Platform: Tabs settings» page is designed to configure the visibility and tab names of tabular parts.


On the list options page, select «Platform: Tabs settings». The following options are available on the settings page:


  • Language. It is used if the system supports multilingualism. Allows you to specify the name of the tabs of the card for each language.
  • Content type. Allows you to customize for each type of content. If you select the «All content types» mode, the same settings will be applied for all content types of the list.
  • Page mode. Allows you to customize the display of buttons for forms to create and edit items. If you select the «All» option, the same settings will be applied for all forms.
  • Use common rules (specified if custom settings are made for the content type or page). If you select «No» for the specified content type and / or page mode, individual settings will be applied.
  • Tab name. Specifies the tab name of the tabular part displayed on the card.
  • Show tab. Allows you to show or hide the tab of the tabular part of the card.
  • Show tab on the form. Allows you to display the tab of the tabular part after saving the card. It works with the selected «Visible» selected value.
  • Document Discussions (setting available in subordinate lists). Turning on the setting allows you to display comments on the parent document in the card of the child.