Platform: Auto-fill values


Platform: Auto-fill values

The «Platform: Auto-fill values» page is designed to configure the automatic filling of form fields with data from reference books, organizational structure, and user profiles.

On the list options page, select «Platform: Automatically fill in values». The following options are available on the settings page:

  • Content type. Allows you to customize for each type of content.  If you select the «All types of content» mode, the same settings for automatic filling in of values will be applied for all types of content in the list.
  • Page mode. Allows you to customize the forms for creating and editing elements. If you select the «All modes» option, the same settings will be applied for all forms.


  • Use common rules (specified if custom settings are made for the content type or page). If you select «No» for the specified content type and / or page mode, individual settings will be applied.
  • Rules for automatic filling of values. To create a new rule, click the «Add item» button. In the form that opens, fill in the «Substitution field» parameter. When you fill in this field in the card, the corresponding rule of automatic filling in the values will work.


The field specified in the «Substitution field» must be made dynamic.

Set the source-receiver field mappings to perform the substitution, for which click the «Add Item» button. In the form that opens, fill in the parameters.

  • Source field. Specifies the list field from which the value will be inserted.
As a substitution field, a list field of the type «Substitution», «User or group», «Platform: Substitution» or «Platform: User or group can be selected.
  • Field receiver. Specifies the field of the current list in which the value will be inserted.


The settings of the fields specified in the «Source field» and «Receiver field» parameters should be completely identical. Otherwise, in the «Field receiver» parameter the drop-down list will be empty.

If it is necessary that when filling in the field of substitution in the card, several fields are filled in, then for each combination of the source-receiver fields a separate entry is created in the field matching section: