Platform: Selection


Platform: Selection

The «Platform: Selection» type field contains a fixed list of values. Unlike the standard SharePoint field, the «Platform: Selection» type field allows you to create a separate list of values for each type of content, configure the conditions for displaying choices depending on the parameters of the current item, and specify how to sort the values.

The following parameters are available for customizing the column type «Platform: Selection»:


  • Content type. Allows you to customize for each type of content. If you select the «All content types» mode, the uniform field settings will be applied for all content types of the list.
  • Type of Form. Allows you to customize the forms for creating and editing elements. If you select the «All display modes» option, the same field settings will be applied for all forms.
  • Use general settingsи (indicated if individual settings are made for the type of content or form). If you select «No» for the specified content type and / or display mode, individual settings will be applied.
  • Type of choice. Defines a list of options available for selection in the field, and also allows you to customize the display conditions for each option. To add a new choice, click «Add» and in the open form enter the name of the option and indicate the display condition.
  • The default option. Allows you to specify a default option for the field.
  • The way to display options. The selection of data in the field is possible with the help of: switches, drop-down list and list with checkboxes (multiple values can be entered).
  • Sort list items. Determines how to sort the list of options.


When making individual settings for the type of content or form, adding options, specifying how to display and sort them is available only if the «Use general settings» option is disabled.