The organizational structure supports the ability to work in a holding or group of companies. In the organizational structure of the top level departments are Companies.

The holding is a set of top-level units (companies). Setting access rights in the System is implemented taking into account the user’s belonging to the Company.

Creating a unit

To add a new unit to the organizational structure, select the parent unit and click the «Create Department»:


In the open form, fill in the required details of «Login Name», «Title» and «Code» and click «Save»:



The created unit will be displayed in the hierarchy of the organizational structure after saving.

  • When a unit is created, it checks the uniqueness of the account within the site collection.
  • The value of the «Login Name» attribute can be generated automatically. Set the flag «Generate automatically».
  • If no parent unit is specified, a new unit is created at the root of the organizational structure tree.

Editing department information

To edit a department, go to the department hierarchy view of the «Organizational structure» section, select the department in the hierarchy tree and click the «Edit» button:



In the open form, make changes and click «Save».

When the value of the «Parent unit» requisite changes, the unit moves to the corresponding tree node of the organizational structure along with its subsidiary units.


Deletion of a unit

To delete a department from the organizational structure, go to the hierarchy view of departments, select the department in the hierarchy tree and click the «Delete» button:



If the parameters of the organizational structure indicate the need for a request to confirm the deletion of departments, a window will appear with the corresponding request. In the window that opens, click «OK».

When a unit is deleted, its subsidiaries move to the root of the organizational structure tree.