Organizational structure import

Organizational structure import

The System provides the ability to import an organizational structure from the file “* .xml”. When you click  «Import» on the ribbon, a form for selecting the import method will open:


And the form for specifying the path to the file of the organizational structure:


Importing an organizational structure is possible in two ways:

  • with a complete update of employee information;
  • with a complete update of employee information, taking into account the movement between departments.


When importing in the first way, new ones are added and existing organizational objects are updated.

When you select the second import method, you add new and update existing objects of the organizational structure, and also remove employees from roles and departments not listed in the «DepartmentUniqueNames» and «RoleUniqueNames» elements of the import file.

In the case of importing an organizational structure file to an already existing hierarchy, data is merged (supplemented).

If subdivisions, roles or employees were deleted from the organizational structure that was imported into the file, then the data is not deleted from the organizational structure to which the import is carried out.

If merging data is undesirable, you should delete the existing organizational structure before importing.

When you delete roles and divisions, the permissions issued to them for items, lists, and nodes are deleted.