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Platform Calculate Date

Platform Calculate Date

The «Platform Calculate Date» workflow action allows you to calculate a date based on a calendar of working days and holidays.


Add the «Platform Calculate Date» action in the workflow designer and go to its settings. In the form that opens, the following parameters are available:


  • Date. Allows you to specify the starting date, relative to which you want to calculate the new date.
  • Use the due date. If the parameter has the value «Yes», then the starting date will be the date of the start of the workflow.
  • Take into account time. If the parameter has the value «Yes», then the date and time of the start of the workflow will be the starting point.
  • Days. Allows you to specify the number of days to add to the starting date. To subtract the required number of days from the start date, specify a negative number in the parameter.
  • Consider work days and holidays. If the parameter has the value «Yes», then only business days will be taken into account when calculating the date. To do this, you need to define the working week in the regional settings of the site («Site Settings» → «Regional Settings») and configure the calendar of holidays in managing the list of holidays («Site Settings» → «Managing the list of holidays»).
  • Store result in. Allows you to specify a variable of type «Date and time» to save the result.