Export and Import

Export and Import

Export and import operations are available in the form editor.

Click Export button on top panel of the editor to export the form. The form will be saved to a file with «.zform» extension.

The export operates with the latest published form. If the form has never been published the export button is unavailable.

Please ensure the following is true before import:

  • SharePoint list fields in the data source being imported exist on the target SharePoint site. The fields also have the same settings as the fields on the source site;
  • Data sources being imported with the form exist in ZForms designer on the target site;
  • All fields of the data sources have the same types and settings as the fields in the imported file.

Field matching is performed by the internal field name. If the field is found, then the match of types and “allow multiple values” flag is checked. The same check is performed for the fields of the following types connected with controls:

  • “Lookup”, “User or group” (important for the fields involved in the filtering);
  • “List” / “File” (important for the columns in view);
  • “Data source” (important for the columns in filters and columns selected for the data source view on the view).

The form editor indicates mismatches between configuration of the form and the data sources which it uses. You may modify properties of the form and data sources to get the valid configuration.

Create a new form or open existing form and click Import on the top panel of the form editor to import the form. Select «.zform» file and confirm the import.

After the import is confirmed, a return to previous versions is not possible. Importing forms from a higher version of the designer configuration is not supported.

The import can be used to copy forms to other data sources within the same site.