Filter values in Lookup control

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Filter values in Lookup control

You may see “Filter value” section in the properties panel if you select a lookup control on the form:

  • Not filtered – by default all values are available to the end-user;
  • Filtered – filter values according to condition.

In condition builder dialog you may set up filter conditions combined with AND/OR operators:

  • Argument:
  • Field – field of the lookup list;
  • Value – constant value in quotes ('value') or the reference to current control (controls.controlname,item.field or parent.field);
    • Condition – condition to compare arguments:
  • equals;
  • doesn’t equal;
  • greater or equals;
  • greater;
  • lower or equals;
  • lower;
  • in;
  • begins with;
  • contains;
  • membership;
  • is null;
  • isn’t null.
  • Contents