Data source control properties

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Data source control properties

You may select a control of type Data source to edit its properties grouped into sections on the panel:

  • Basic;
  • Advanced.

Properties Description
Label Label of the control on the form. The label is added automatically and is equal to the field display name. Can be edited
Name Internal name of the control. The label is added automatically and is equal to field internal name. The name can be edited manually. The name must be unique for the form
Data source SharePoint list data source to get items from
Tooltip Text to show when end-user clicks forms002 button
Columns Defines fields and their order to show on the form
Link to item One of the data source columns on the form that will have a link to the edit form
Width The property is not available for editing

Properties Description
  • Visible – the control is visible to the end-user;
  • Hidden – the control is hidden from the end-user;
  • Visible by condition – JavaScript expression that defines if the control is visible to the end-user

Adding buttons is not available for data source controls.