The page shows the forms related to data sources and the modes they are used in – create, edit or view.

You may filter forms by data sources. Click filter button , select data sources and click Apply.

Click Clear button to clear filters and show all forms.
Click New to add a new form. Type in a title and select a data source, then click OK to open the form editor.

You may copy an existing form by clicking Copy. Type in a title of the new form and click OK – the form will be copied with the same layout and properties as the original form.

You may select a form and click Edit to open form layout editor.

You may select one or several forms and click Delete to delete selected.

Select a form and click Publish to set or change the usage modes of the form. In a dialog check modes – create, edit or view. URLs of the form for each mode will be filled in automatically, but you may change it.

If you leave “Use as primary for this mode” checked the form will be applied to the data source list on the SharePoint Online web site. This means the form will be shown to end users when they create, edit or view items.