Install and start work

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Install and start work

SYSTEMZ Forms for Office 365 (or ZForms for short) – is a product that allows you to design forms for creating, displaying and editing SharePoint Online list items.

ZForms can be installed to SharePoint Online website from Microsoft App Source. To install the app:

  • Open All site contents;
  • Click New and select App from the dropdown list, then click SharePoint Store in the left navigation;
  • Choose SYSTEMZ Forms for Office 365 and click ADD IT;
  • Click Trust it;
  • Wait until the app is installed to the site.

After the installation is finished click the app icon on the All site contents page to proceed to ZForms designer. Another way to get into designer – click Forms button on the command panel in a list view.

You should have “Manage Lists” permissions at the web site level in order to be able to use ZForms designer. Please contact your site collection administrator if you don’t have required permissions.

In case you have enough permissions, you’ll be asked to activate 30-days free trial or to fill in the form to request a commercial license:

After submitting the form, managers will receive and process the request. Submitting the commercial license request form automatically starts 30-days free trial period.

Please see «ZForms Licensing» for details about the type of commercial subscriptions and licenses.

If there is a valid active license you will see welcome splash screen with a brief “beginning work” guide in a selected language:

Proceed through the slides and click Start button to open designer.