Workflow Gallery

Workflow Gallery

Navigate to the page by choosing Workflow Gallery:

  • In Site Menu;
  • In ZFlow dropdown-button on the ribbon of any list or document library;
  • On the settings page of any list or document library (ZFlow: Workflow Gallery link);
  • In ZFlow dropdown-button on the Workflow Editor page;
  • In Worflow Editor Menu.

The Workflow Gallery page has 3 main sections:

  • Top Panel;
  • Navigation Panel (on the left side);
  • Central Panel.

The top panel contains the following items:

  • New button to create new workflows;
  • Navigation breadcrumb;
  • Main menu icon (Edit);
  • Show/Hide deleted workflows icon (Edit);
  • Show/Hide workflow information icon (Edit);
  • Workflow action icons.

Main menu includes features:

  • Go to the Host web;
  • Go to Workflow Gallery;
  • Switch to English interface;
  • Switch to Russian interface;
  • Information about the program;
  • Sign Out.

The navigation panel is on the left side of the page. The panel shows site lists and document libraries grouped by their types. Choose a list, a document library or the root site navigation item to view the workflows of the list, document library or the site level workflows. View all workflows of the site by clicking All in the navigation.

The central panel contains information about workflows:

  • Scope (if All is selected in navigation panel);
  • Name;
  • Publication state;
  • Last modification date and time;
  • Last modification author.

Click the column title to sort workflows.

Select a workflow to enable workflow action icons on the top panel and view workflow detailed information on the information panel.