Release Notes

Release Notes

New features:

  • Action added «While».
  • Implemented the possibility to substitute a unique identifier from the workflow context variable «New Guid».

Fixed bugs:

  • Some sites do not display a list of workflow in the gallery.
  • The list of workflow in the gallery is not displayed if the name of one of the workflow contains quotation marks.
  • The workflow between two lists of the same site is not copied.
  • No new UID assigned to copied workflow actions.
  • Error about missing resource file «».
  • An error occurred while importing the root site workflow to the sub site if the list names do not match.
  • An error occurred while importing the workflow of assigning the zflow-task of the root site to the child site if the names of the content type in the task lists do not match.
  • The script does not publish and export workflows.
  • The workflow is not displayed in the gallery if the name contains «|».
  • The editor does not display a horizontal menu if the workflow name contains an apostrophe.
  • «\» and apostrophe in the workflow name in the horizontal menu are not displayed.
  • When constructing a string, spaces between substituted values are removed.
  • The search for the task list and the workflow history list by the beginning of the line on the workflow settings page does not work.
  • When searching for a task list or a list of workflow history on the workflow settings page, the case name is case sensitive.
  • Internet Explorer 11 does not display data in a panel with variables.
  • Information about using a variable in workflow actions is not displayed if the action «Calculate date» is added to the editor.
  • Information about using a variable in workflow actions is not displayed if actions containing a wysiwyg-component are added to the editor.
  • Incorrect display of workflow actions from the «Process Logic» category when searching for used variables.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, when moving a workflow action in the editor, only the title is dragged.
  • Incorrect selection of the name of the initial state for the state graph.
  • The icon on the variable bar does not appear for the button for switching to the list of variables.
  • Incorrect display of buttons on the wysiwyg-editor panel in the Microsoft Edge.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, the specified font settings are not displayed in the wysiwyg-editor panel.
  • Invalid e-mail in the «About application» window.


  • Workflow editor design updated.
  • The «Help» section has been added to the gallery and workflow editor menus.
  • Extra horizontal scrollbar removed in editor.