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Start work

SYSTEMZ Flow for SharePoint 2013 should be installed to SharePoint farm. Before SYSTEMZ Flow for SharePoint 2013 installation make sure the Workflow Manager is installed and activated.
Workflow Manager installation and configuration information available:
Workflow Manager Configuration

To install SYSTEMZ Flow for SharePoint 2013:

  • Open PowerShell ISE on SharePoint farm server with local administrator privileges;
  • Open z-flow-manage.ps1 script from SYSTEMZ Flow installation package;
  • Run script;
  • Execute z-flow-invoke { z-flow-Solution-Add } command and wait for completion;
  • Execute z-flow-invoke { z-flow-Solution-Deploy -webAppUrl:$webAppUrl -force:$false } commands and wait for completion;
  • Import license on SYSTEMZ Flow admin page in SharePoint Central Administration. The license is a file with .zlf extension;
  • Execute z-flow-restart-SPTimerV4 command;
  • Create App Management Service in SharePoint Central Administration;
  • Activate site collection feature ZFlow components;
  • Activate site feature ZFlow components.

After successful completion of installation, you will be able to use Workflow Gallery and Add a site workflow links in site menu.

The app is optimized for using in the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge, latest release
  • Google Chrome, latest release
  • Firefox, latest release