Remove Value from Collection

SYSTEMZ Flow for Office 365 > Workflow Actions > Operations > Remove Value from Collection

Remove Value from Collection

Use context menu or action toolbox to add Remove Value from Collection action to workflow scheme.

  • Click on the area with (Edit) icon on the scheme and:
  • Select category Operations;
  • Choose Remove Value from Collection.
  • In action toolbox:
  • Select category Operations;
  • Drag and drop Remove Value from Collection action to the area with (Edit) icon on the workflow scheme.

Open action configuration dialog to edit action properties:

  • Open action context menu on the scheme and choose Edit;
  • Or double click the action on the scheme.

Use configuration dialog to edit action properties:

Property Description
Title Defines action title.
By default the title is action type name.
Target collection Collection to remove value from.
Value Time zone kind:

  • Text;
  • DateTime;
  • Number;
  • Integer;
  • Boollean;
  • Guid;
  • Collection;
  • Dictionary;
  • Empty or null.

Lookups are available for this property.

Output Variable to store the result collection.
You can specify the same collection as in Target collection. The Target collection will be overwritten in this case.

Remove item by value and save the result in the same collection:

Remove items and save the result in another collection: