Workflow Editor

Workflow Editor

Navigate to the page by choosing:

  • New on the Workflow Gallery page and select Site Workflow or List Workflow in the dropdown list;
  • New Workflow in navigation breadcrumb on the Workflow Gallery page.
When working with different sites, please open workflow editor pages in different browser sessions or in different browsers.

The Workflow Editor page has the following sections:

  • Top Panel;
  • Central Panel.

Top Panel

The top panel contains the following items:

  • ZFlow logo with dropdown menu;
  • Navigation breadcrumb (workflow name) with dropdown menu;
  • Save workflow icon (Edit);
  • Publish workflow icon (Edit);
  • Delete workflow icon (Edit);
  • Show/Hide variable properties icon (Edit);
  • Main menu icon (Edit);
  • Close workflow icon (Edit).

  • Click ZFlow logo with dropdown menu to navigate to Workflow Gallery or Host List;
  • Click workflow name in the navigation breadcrumb to navigate to workflow Settings and Variables;
  • Click Close workflow icon (Edit) to navigate to Workflow Gallery.

Central Panel

The content of this section may change depending on selected workflow editor section.
There are following workflow editor sections:

  • Workflow Designer;
  • Workflow Settings;
  • Workflow Variables.

Workflow designer section is opened by default. Click workflow name in the navigation breadcrumb to navigate to the section you need.